How and where can I buy your products if no distributor or seller is located close to my home? May I buy directly from you? Do you have an e-shop?

To satisfy your personal requests, please contact our seller in the Czech Republic, who will be glad to help you.
Please contact our seller in the Czech Republic, who will send you the quote covering all your requirements including transport to your address.

Does crystal contain lead or not?

We use both potash-lime and lead crystal; the type varies for different items. Our decision to use one kind of glass or the other depends especially on requirements of our clients who determine the preferred production of individual items.

How to take care of presents and decorations

protect from shocks and scratches
use of cotton gloves is recommended to handle the product, fingers risk leaving visible traces on the surface
glass products must not be subject to temperatures over 40°C and below 5°C (behind a window on a sunny day, close to heating elements or air-conditioning devices), protect glass from sudden changes of temperature and sharp light
glass products must not be washed in water over 40°C and no dish grinding pastes, nor coarse or sharp brushes are allowed, always use liquid detergent and soft cloth
wash glass products in plastic basins only
to avoid scratching the item when washing, remove all jewelry from your hands prior to starting (rings, bracelets and watches)
glass products must not be washed in dishwashers or ultrasound cleaning machines
once washed, dry glass products by a soft towel
liquor bottles must be left unplugged for a long time after washing to ensure proper drying
if a damage occurs, do not repair the product by yourself, or else the statutory warranty is void
not respecting aforementioned rules may cause damage of the product leading to a significant shortening of service life

Why are there plastic buttons on the bottom of the product?

Abutting pieces help avoid scratches on the polished surface of the bottom – do not remove.

What should I do if I have damaged a glass item or if I have crushed a part of it?

In case you have damaged a part of the product or in case of a small-scale damage (a tap in the ground area, breaking of the plug or a one glass from a set), please contact the seller you bought the item from. Based on sent pictures and description, individual steps will be taken to arrange repair. Our aim is to make sure your set is complete again at the smallest possible cost. Not all is possible or economically worthwhile given complete repair costs including the necessary transport fees as opposed to the price of a new item.

Is it possible I have an original Halama product at home? Can you help me identify it?

Quite often, we are contacted by owners of glass items, collectors from the whole world or auction halls. Based on pictures they send we are able to judge whether or not the glass item is a part of the Halama production assortment. However, pictures only do not enable us to determine the period when the item was produced.