Who we are
“HALAMA” brand is synonym of the quality Czech crystal.
We are able to bring joy to people by the means of handmade crystal beauty, which is sure to please eyes and hands of our clients.
Our brand involves personal responsibility of owners regarding co-operators, business partners, end clients and public in the region.


The brand and the people
Since 1932, it was the founder, František Halama, who was the the soul of the company; he was a visionary and lived the whole life heeding the idea “What can be visualized can be brought into being”.
His descendants have resumed his work and they are the exclusive owners of both the company and the brand.
Their sincere wish is that all those who participate in creating the crystal beauty feel pride of being part of the brand.


What we create
To treat crystal glass we use all our knowledge and skills.
We have humbly used designs, molds, technology, know-how and materials created by our predecessors, we also try to develop the legacy for generations to come by our own experience and invention.
With help of love we create timeless values.


Our region and country
We involve new generations of glass-makers and artists studying at the Glass-making school in Železný Brod and support their enthusiasm for treating glass.
We have contributed to the development of the region and to the sustainable life here.
By the means of the Halama brand products we have been drawing attention to the region and attracting home and foreign visitors to the Železný Brod region.
We have been proud citizens of the Czech Republic and we have made all efforts to helping Czech crystal be admired all around the world.


Global reach
We are committed to spreading and upholding justice at the global level. We understand and respect different cultures while being aware of our own identity and uniqueness of the Czech people.
We have been bringing people together, mainly skilled glass-makers and grinders with performing businesspeople and fervent customers from all over the world. We have shared similar values and ideas and we have been entering into lasting relationships, which is reflected in our results, too.
We use our own work to set examples to our children.


Robert Halama´s personal wish
The circle is closing; in all I do, I tend to comply with my grandfather’s motto “What can be visualized can be brought into being”. I wish to make this world more pleasurable by the impact of my own energy and emotions incorporated in glass. To all my co-operators and their families I wish a safe and stable life based on the balance of body and spirit – a life successfully combining time for one’s work and that for one’s family.


Robert Halama