„Little Bird“


The caddy “Little Bird” fits perfectly to store bonbons and various other candies on your table. This caddy is suitable as an addition to reception offices as a “sweet-box”.

Design of the caddy is from 1945.

Caddy with lid of a round base is 5.31 in tall. The lid is dominated by a statuette of a little bird.

Both parts are decorated by hand ground polished ribs coming out of the floral relief.
Bottom of the caddy is hand ground and polished, too.

Data sheet

Size 5,31 x 6,29 x 6,29 inch
Size 135 x 160 x 160 mm
Weight 2,64 pound
Weight 1,20 kg

Gold-plated by 24-karat gold

Gift pack

Hand made in the Czech Republic

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