Liquor set “Mirror” is a real jewel with a motive of Art Nouveau ornaments with an oval grinding in the center. The carafe looks very elegant when filled with a dark drink, it is very beautiful in the Jade finish, too.

Oval mirrors on the carafe can be used for additional edging or sanding of motives according to customer’s wishes.

Design of the set is from 1944.

FH 1624 Carafe with plug 11.42 in tall. Both oval, hand ground and polished surfaces of the bottle are bordered by Art Nouveau patterns. Composition of a matted motive and polished surfaces is identical with the carafe.

FH 1623 Three-side glass 2.56 in tall. All clear surfaces are hand ground and polished. 

Data sheet

Size 11,42 x 3,15 x 6,69 inch
Size 290 x 80 x 170 mm
Weight 3,19 pound
Weight 1,45 kg

Gold-plated by 24-karat gold

Gift pack

Hand made in the Czech Republic

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