Liquor set with a motive of vintage represents a balanced combination of ground cuts with high polish of polished surfaces. Marvelous light effects are made by wedged cuts on both surfaces and are amplified in combination with a noble drink.

Design of the set is from 1946.

FH 1926 Carafe with plug 11.02 in tall. Both central surfaces of the bottle are hand ground and polished with beautiful cuts on edges, surrounding relief shows the grape vine. Bottom and upper edge of the bottle are hand ground and polished. Plug of carafe has the shape of a papal hat. It is dominated by hand ground and polished surfaces with a central cut set in a matted relief of wine grapes. Bottle with a plug set together by a conical grinding-in.

FH 1931 – Glass of a round base is 2.36 in tall. Bottom and upper half are hand ground and polished, the upper half is made by eight symmetrical surfaces on the perimeter with the lower part decorated by wine grapes.

Data sheet

Size 11,02 x 3,74 x 5,51inch
Size 280 x 95 x 140 mm
Weight 2,64 pound
Weight 1,20 kg

Gold-plated by 24-karat gold

Gift pack

Hand made in the Czech Republic

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