Liquor set "Montmartre" is designed for all lovers of beauty and for those who are particular about elaboration of detail. The customers themselves can judge the high precision of relief just as incredibly precise grinding. This liquor set is not only a perfect addition in your flat or office, but when combined with your favorite drink it will elevate any moment to an unforgettable event.

Design of the set is from 1945.

FH 1656 Carafe 10.63 in tall of an base with 8-edge grinding combined with cuts.

Plug of a conical grinding-in is set into a ground and polished neck formed by eight symmetrical surfaces. Perimeter of the bottle is decorated by a motive of scantily covered maidens.

FH 1655 Glass 2.17 in tall of an eight-edge base, its upper half is covered by a grinding combined with cuts. Relief represents portraits of maidens. Plug has a shape of a filled glass. All clear surfaces are hand ground and polished.

Data sheet

Size 10,63 x 3,93 x 3,93 inch
Size 270 x 100 x 100 mm
Weight 2,42 pound
Weight 1,10 kg

Gold-plated by 24-karat gold

Gift pack

Hand made in the Czech Republic

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