This ashtray will captivate you by balanced proportions and contrast of matted heads with clear grinding around. It is elegant and through its elaboration and beauty of pure lines represents the Art Deco style and is very popular due to its possible use for cigars.

Design of the ashtray is from 1943.

Ashtray of a triangular base is 2.36 in tall. Relief of a head in matted finish is placed in the center of each side. Other parts of ashtray are hand ground and polished.

Upper edge with grooves and bottom of the ashtray are hand ground and polished, too.

Data sheet

Size 2,36 x 4,33 x 4,33 inch
Size 60 x 110 x 110 mm
Weight 1,54 pound
Weight 0,70 kg

Gold-plated by 24-karat gold

Gift pack

Hand made in the Czech Republic

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